Thursday, 20 December 2012

Quotas & Secularism 2 mortal enemies of Modi

Totally secularised and quotaised Bihar CM Nitish Kumar once got the big end of the stick from Modi. "See what he (Nitish) has done to Bihar by creating more pockets of backwardness like MBCs," Modi said expressing his disgust. But unfortunately the whole secular Indian political lot, including some from the Delhi BJPwallahs, were standing thick and thin with Nitish. This is what happens when a Constitution proviso for temporary quotas is used to degrade the very Constitution in pursuit of bloody votes.

Every Indian is crying for a politician who has the spine and patriotism to make India a super power. A super power that can challenge China by exhibiting its self-respect by unifying the nation through brotherhood and development. The country badly needs leadership and determination to create jobs so that people's welfare become the foremost aspect of running and sustaining the democracy, a democracy that is floundering on the shoals of quotas. Instead the treacherous political lot is more intent on degrading the small yet last vestiges of meritocracy in the higher echelons of Indian bureaucracy through promotional quotas.

For the Indians who wish to see a strong and glorified India - which is still a pipe dream -  an avatar like Narendra Modi is godsend. He is the only man among the India's craven political lot who seems to have risen above invidious caste and religious political discourse. This message is clear to Modi's masters in Delhi who in turn eye him suspiciously without realising that if BJP has to be saved in 2014 it is only Modi who can do that commendable feat.

What if Modi was not there as the CM when Godhra carnage took place? Wouldn't the carnage been swept under the carpet with the Congress' sense of perverted secularism prevailing in this accursed country? Nehru made a grievous blunder for his self-interest to keep the Congress in the saddle of power by bringing in secularism which means Muslims are a separate lot different from Hindus and no religious barricades can be enforced on them by the Constitution that in a way infringes on the very spirit of a modern Constitution. Worse it was made to believe that Muslims will never kill unless in retaliation let alone burn a train carrying innocent men, women and children. This was like the propaganda of Nehruvian socialists that a communist country will never attack any country unless to defend itself. Nehruvian secularism can easily be turned into fraud as his progenies have clearly demonstrated in demonising Modi who has worked hard to bring Gujarat to a level of prosperity without allowing the state from slipping into backwardness at the altar of quota politics.

Nehru's secularism is indeed a curse for India. It has created a fertile ground for Fifth Columnists to plan second dismemberment of India. Worse it has led the Congress to unite non-patriotic forces to help the dynasty to flourish and plunder the exchequer with impunity. Modi has seen to it all but his party chief morons who rule Delhi office are siding with the treacherous Congress which is bent upon setting the Maya cat among the nationalist pigeons by bringing in promotion quotas undermining the very basic structure of the Constitution. Congress is knowingly playing mischief with the Constitution by amending its basic structure through the 117th amendment. And Arun Jaitley is playing second fiddle to the Congress to rope in Dalit votes. Does this moron think Dalit votes will come pouring by shedding crocodile tears for the Dalit poor when it is the Dalit rich who will corner all the benefits? Is there any cure for this madness?

Modi knows it very well the way headless BJP is malfunctioning. There was clear indication that BJP sultans were not happy to give full credit to Modi's for his brilliant victory a third time. Seshadri Chari who is the pseudo spokesperson of the BJP gave sufficient hint that the victory was more of the Gujarat BJP rather than Modi.

Modi is definitely at the crossroads of India's destiny. If Indians can grab him making him the prime minister then there is some ray of hope. But the Congress Machiavellis are too strong to give way given their vast resources in both men and money. Will a decadent India, with its vast swathe of man-made poverty, rise above petty quota consideration in experiencing the joy of Narendra Modi as the PM? Sadly, only time will tell.

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