Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Last bugle by Congress Quota Goondas

UPA Congress goondas having read the writing on the wall and now they have no illusions that they will be thrown out lock, stock and barrel in 2014 for cheating the people of India. As is the practice of these goondas, they will go drowning but not before further damaging the delicate fabric of India’s social unity. Hum dub chuke sanam tumhe bhi sath leke dubenge! seems their theme song! And what came as coup de grace was the Promotion quotas! It is too disgusting for me to write further in expressing my anger and disgust.

Anti-national quota scums must be rejoicing for their coup in bringing an esoteric promotion quotas bill through amendment to the backward Constitution—essentially to blunt a Supreme Court decision against such quotas. It will certainly act as a red-herring to multifarious scams in which the UPA goondas are involved. More scams are in offing after the whopping coal scam of Rs 1,86,000 crore !!!

Congress goondas are assaulting the ethos of India with quota after quota. What is forgotten in this turmoil is the original sinner who is called Mahatma Gandhi and who is the father of the quotas. Many do  not know about what exactly is the Poona Pact.

The untouchables were forced to sign the Poona Pact that brought the communal award of a fixed quota of seats to be elected by separate electorate of untouchables and to be filled by persons belonging to the untouchables. How were they forced to sign? It was by the coercive fast of treacherous Gandhi !

Dr. Ambedkar, to his credit, denounced the fast the very next day saying “The untouchables were sad. They had every reason to be sad.” Ambedkar kept denouncing it till the end of his life in 1956. He denounced it in private discussions, public meetings, relevant writings, in fact on all the occasions that demanded denunciation.

 “There was nothing noble in the fast. It was a foul and filthy act. The fast was not for the benefit of the Untouchables. It was against them and was the worst form of coercion against helpless people to give up the constitutional safeguards of which they had been possessed under the Prime Minister’s Award and agree to live on the mercy of the Hindus. It was a vile and wicked act. How can the untouchables regard such a man as honest and sincere?”

Yet he succumbed to Gandhi’s treachery by enacting quotas for the SCs/STs albeit for only 10 years. Many also don’t know that Indian Constitution was virtually written by one-man army Ambedkar though a seven-member team was formed initially to write it.

Without going deep into the award suffice me to say that neither Ambedkar was happy with the Gandhian largesse nor did he stop abusing Gandhi.  

Gandhi was also responsible for bringing in and supporting Nehru over the head of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel for primeministership. Unlike Nehru Sardar was a statesman and visionary. Nehru had a Muslim tilted bias and insisted on taking control of Kashmir affairs while Sardar was trying to unify the nation. Had Sardar got into it Kashmir cancer would never have festered as it is today. Traitors have become rulers what can one say?

It is interesting to note that Prof Anil Gupta of IIM Ahmedabad had suggested to the then law minister Veerappa Moily not to purvey quotas left, right and centre. He pleaded for expansion of opportunities for first-generation learners to enter the educational system without the need to provide quota crutches. He said coaching to compete for the civil services and a mentoring and tracking system for those who did make the entry would bring a sea change in the way we live and think. Don’t treat the symptoms, he had warned. “The government cannot from time to time introduce reservations. A time comes in its life when it needs to show how really inclusive it is. There are several things the government should be doing in capacity building: invest more money on depressed candidates so that they can compete. But it chooses the easy way out.”

Quota Goondas ignored the suggestion as distributing quotas made them larger than life. This despite the courts consistently holding that there should be quantifiable data showing backwardness of a class and inadequacy of representation to have quotas. Efficiency in administration and a 50 per cent cap on reservations are other benchmarks it follows. But goondas who have land grabbed the Parliament have made it clear that they will hold caste and not class as the benchmark for deprivation.  

Promotion quotas will catapult the anti-national Congress into limelight once again as it will admirably polish off all the evidence in multifarious scams, the latest and not the last being the coal scam worth Rs 1,86,000 crore like they did by the simple expedient of burning all the files related to Adarsh by setting fire to the part of secretariat holding the files. If the goondas can do that so brazenly it is no surprise that they are stooping to new gutter level to bring in promotion quotas when there is already accelerated promotion for SCs/STs since last 50 years. In any Central government office a SC with 7 years experience can become a gazetted officer compared to 20 years of experience by general class.

Goondas have once again opened the Pandora’s Box with a new type of mischievous quotas. Goonda Mulayam is opposing it not because he loves to see a United and prosperous India. He is opposing because OBCs are not included. All he is saying is give more quotas not less. 

Backwardness has become a fashionable disease. Showing off one’s backwardness brings in laurels and elevates the moron who does it to new spiritual levels. Take for example, Parupalli Kashyap who made history at the London Olympics 2012 by reaching the quarters in men’s singles badminton event after defeating Sri Lanka`s Niluka Karunaratne. He showed excellent talent and the way he defeated the Sri Lankan made me think that he will win the gold easily. NO NO. When he faced the Malaysian Lee Chong Wei in the quarterfinals Kashyap was overpowered by the cancer of backwardness and went down tamely to Chong Wei. It was a SHAMELESS display of feeling weak and helpless and instead of getting brickbats the quota goondas heaped praises on his backwardness saying he was the first Indian in the quarters!! His defeat was made to stand on its head as some sort of achievement!

From the day anti-national Congress took over the reins of power after Independence it has indulged in a steady stream of rising corruption now reaching to astronomical proportions. Are quota goondas presuming that promotion quotas can wash away the sins of Congress and its astronomical loot? Had this money been spent on poor there would have been no need to bring in quotas in the first place!

The danger of promotion quotas is not so much as SCs/STs benefitting from it but to the fact that once the girl has been raped she becomes a fair game to all other rapists. Yes, others will demand today or tomorrow and whichever party is at the Centre will have to cave-in to broaden promotion quotas.

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